How to measure for Shutters Outside Mount

How to: Measure for Outside Mounted Shutters


Measure 3 points for the width as per the diagram, you want to measure to the outside edge of the architrave. Windows are rarely square.

Measure 3 points for the drop to the outside edge of the architrave again.

We always use the largest measurement when working with an outside mount.


The maximum width a single panel can be is 900mm so based on your width determine how many panels you need. All panels will be equal in size. 3 or more panels will require a T post.


Measure for a midrail if applicable. This is always measured from the bottom of the window frame up to the center of where the midrail would be.

600mm drop = no midrail

600mm – 1500mm = 1 midrail

1500mm – 2200mm = 2 midrails

If possible, line the midrail up with a natural mullion in the window so the glass is as unobstructed as possible