How to Measure Ceiling Mounted Curtains

How to Measure Ceiling Mounted Curtains

Before You Start

You will need the following:

Tape Measure


Step Ladder


Measure the width

First measure the length of the track, this will be the finished width of the curtain when it is closed.

If you are measuring wall to wall, deduct 20mm off the width to allow for easier installation.


Measure the drop

Measure the drop from the ceiling to where you would like the curtain to fall to.

If you want to have the curtain drop to the floor, measure from ceiling to floor and deduct 10mm. This will allow the curtain to gently float just above the floor.

Handy Hints

The stack of your curtain when it is open is approximately 30% your total width. Try and have this stack off your window by widening your overall width.

If your ceiling cornice protrudes more than 100mm from the wall you may be better off face fixing the track.

You can install just below your cornice so to give the illusion that the curtain is ceiling mounted.

In this case measure the drop from where the top of the track will be mounted to where you would like the curtain to drop to.

Make sure you are not covering any light switches or security sensors when the curtain is closed.