How to Install Outside Mounted Shutters

How to Install Outside Mounted Shutters

Before You Start

You will need the following:

Step Ladder
No More Gaps


Assemble the Frame

Identify which shutter is to be installed in which window.
On a clean, flat surface layout your frame pieces. You may want to put down a sheet or towel so the shutter does not get scratched.
The frame pieces will be labeled L,R,T,B. Arrange these with the front side facing down.
Use the Hoffman keys provided to join the frame pieces together but gently tapping with a hammer until the end of the Hoffman key is flush.
If you have any T-Posts you will need to align then at this time as well and screw into place.


Install the Frame

Fit the frame onto the window architraves or wall. Use spirit level to make sure the frame is level. Also a second pair of hands will; help with holding the frame in place until you screw it in.

Important note: Take the extra time to make sure the frame is level so you the panels will install easily.


Fasten the Frame

Screw the frame into place using 50mm length screws, the holes will be pre-drilled. You will need to source the appropriate screws from a hardware store according to the material you are screwing into.


Align the hinge of the panel with the hinge on the frame and insert the pin from top to bottom until completely installed in the hinge. Complete for all panels.
Open and close the panels to ensure when closed they are level with each other. You can adjust the hinge to level out the panel if needed. Make sure the Panels are connecting with the magnets on the frame.


Once the panels are installed correctly you can now seal any gaps around the frame with no more gaps.