How to install Face Fix Curtains

How to Install Ceiling Mounted Curtains

Before You Start

You will need the following:

Step Ladder
Wave Fold Bracket
Top Fix
Pinch Pleat Bracket
Important Note: You will need to source the appropriate screws from your local hardware store dependent on what material you are installing into.
Please note for safe installation, the brackets should be installed into studs.


Identify which tracks match each curtain.

Screw the brackets into the wall or window frame spacing out evenly, place the outer most brackets 100mm in from the edge of the track.


Install the track into the brackets making sure the track clips into place with each bracket.


Thread the hooks through the curtain runners from the front to the back. These hooks will already been installed on the curtain at the correct spacing.

Once completely hooked, open and close the curtain to ensure smooth operation.

You will need to “train” the Wave fold curtain to get the S shape
You will need to straighten the pleats on the first hang
Important note: There may be creases in the curtains from transport, they will drop out as the curtain hangs.