How to Install Double Linked Roller Blinds

How to Install Double Linked Roller Blinds

Before You Start

You will need the following:

1 x Control Bracket
1 x Idle Bracket
1 x Link Bracket
Child Safety Device


Identify which blind is to be installed on each window and the layout for the blinds.

Install control bracket, spring bracket and link bracket on the window frame.

For an inside mount install inside the reveal.

Outside Mount
Inside Mount


Starting with the blinds in the top position. (The top blind will be Reverse rolled and the Back blind will be a Standard Roll)

The control blinds must be installed first, whether this be on the left or right.

If you have two control blinds, install the first control blind then any dependent blinds before moving onto the second control blind and dependents.

Insert the blind into the link bracket first and then line up the control end with the control end bracket and push to insert. The idle end will extend to bridge the gap.

Important note: The chain needs to hang evenly front and back.

To install dependent blinds, first insert the idle end into the link bracket connecting to the control blind.

Then line up the idle end with the other bracket and allow to click in place.

Install all roller blinds according to the layout ordered.

If you are outside mounting, slide the bracket covers on now.


Slip the child safety cleat over the chain and let hang naturally. Screw into architrave or window reveal with minimal tension.

Tension Device with chain fitted

Please be aware that horizontal lines may appear on the roller blind fabric due to packaging. These lines will drop out once the blind has been hanging for a few days.